Welcome to the Exhall Village Hall

Welcome to the website of Exhall Village Hall! Of course this welcome is not from our building, proud of it though we are, but from the Village Hall Committee. We mainly organise events designed to enable villagers of all ages (and their friends) to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

Strictly speaking our charity is the Exhall Parish Room (Charity Commission number 217334). It was set up in 1933 and became a charity in 1984. Our constitution is on our site. Some of the original groups who have the right to appoint representative members to the Committee, e.g. Exhall Darby and Joan Club, The Girls Friendly Society in Exhall and the Exhall Play Group no longer exist , but we still try to ensure that participation is as wide as possible. Extra volunteers are always welcome!

Until 2015 the Village Hall was let to the charity from 1978 on a 60 year lease at a 50p per annum rent. However following successful detective work over 2 years, one of our Trustees managed to track down our freeholder The Right Honourable Lord Dulverton (who hadn’t previously realised that he owned the then unregistered freehold site) and persuaded him to transfer it to us free of charge!

Surplus funds are ploughed back into our community either in offsetting the cost of events or in improving the Hall’s facilities. In the past we have added new toilets and kitchen. Recently we have had the Hall reroofed and new windows fitted and the underpinning strengthened. We hope to carry out exterior redecoration and possibly also inside, in due course.

The Village Hall is available for hire. The current Committee members and the Social Calendar of events are on the site.